Automize Lab.



“Add-on Automation Equipment (AAE)”…Providing new values and solutions

The systems that we currently see in a variety of commercial industries are operated manually. When customers needed to automate their equipment, the mainstream option was to replace existing equipment with something new. In this approach, the automation incurred costs in terms of both money and time, making it challenging for the clients to find the best solution. We at Automize Lab created “Valve Automizer®︎” and “Bot Series,” two automation devices that are unlike any other and provide customers with that perfect “Add-on Automation” solution.

  • Product

    Without interrupting the flow of fluids inside the pipe and by utilizing the machinery already in place, retrofit automation is possible.

  • Providing

    Remote control alternative in emergencies to keep people away from operating in danger zones.

  • Accelerated

    Automize Labs’ innovative tools collect different types of data for technical research and contribute to the modernization of industries.