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Sluice Gate Bot

Sluice Gate Bot

As part of the government’s subsidy, demonstration trials are being conducted in 9 sites across 5 municipalities in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Benefits of installing Sluice Gate Bot

Maintaining existing sluice gate

When maintained properly, sluice gates are operable and in good functioning condition. Our add-on automation device allows sustainability utilizing existing sluice gates, when in the past removing the gate had been the only option to automate the gate.

Provides safety for the operators

In order to reduce the amount of inland flooding brought on by tributaries flooding into residential areas, operators are stationed all around the country to operate sluice gates and drainage pumps. When operating the heavy gate amid a heavy downpour, more than 60% of those workers are elderly, putting them in danger. Sluice Gate Bot provides remote control, enhancing the safety of its users.

Enables automation at a decent price

Construction of a foundation, removal of the old sluice gate, and installation of the new sluice gate are necessary steps in the traditional automation of the sluice gate. Because the sluice gate does not need to be removed or installed, Sluice Gate Bot enables DX solutions to be obtained with less financial burden.

Before and after photos [Misumi Sluice Gate, Ukiha City]

Before and after photos

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